Secret to Remembering Special Dates

My secret to remember special dates

Have you ever forgotten your best friend’s birthday? Or bumped into someone at the grocery store and totally forgotten that today was the day of their husband’s heart surgery? I sure have! And I hated the feeling of forgetting these important moments, so I wanted to share with you my number one secret to remember special dates!

I always thought I had a really good memory, but a few years ago I was leading a bible study and it became apparent that my memory was indeed NOT a steel trap!

We went around the room at the end of the study, taking prayer requests from individual people. One lady mentioned that her husband would be having open heart surgery the following Tuesday. The group closed in prayer, and I wanted to remember to reach out to her on Tuesday and let her know I was thinking of her.

Fast forward to the next week’s class and as we were chatting, she casually mentioned that the surgery was successful. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Not only had I forgotten to reach out on Tuesday. I’d forgotten to ask that day when I saw her. I felt horrible. I had every intention of having kept in touch and had wanted to help out however I could. But I had forgotten all about his surgery.

I made myself a promise that day that I would find a system to NEVER MISS those important events. I struggled so hard to find friends as an adult, and I was determined to help other women not struggle as much. And here I was, letting women down.

I knew I needed a system to remember special dates

I started with a notebook and a pen. My “Bible Study notebook”. I took it everywhere and checked it daily.

But all it took was leaving it at home one day, and that habit was lost.

I had post-it-notes all over my kitchen wall. I wrote things down in my planner. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of.

And I would be so much better at remembering special dates, but I’d still forget important things here and there.

Then one day I realized it was so much more simple than I ever imagined. The answer was right there in my techno-geek hands. My phone. The one item I am NEVER without. (Not even on my remote fishing and camping trip in Northern Canada where I had zero cell reception.)

That’s when I realized the secret to remembering special dates.

Set a notification on your phone.

This is where I feel silly. Because it’s that simple. It really is. Every smartphone has a built-in reminders application. (iPhone users, it’s even called Reminders for dummies like me!)

Now, no matter where I am or what I am doing? I can add that person and their need to my list.

Birthdays, anniversaries, days that are going to be tough? I can remember them all – and when I get the nifty notification on my phone? I just zap out a quick text, say a quick prayer and I’ve accomplished that task!

It’s helped me to be a better friend, to feel more organized and to not forget those special dates!

So how about you, do you have a fun little trick to remember these special dates?

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