Day Zero Project: 101 things in 1001 Days

A few years back I did my first Day Zero Project, and while I only hit 70%? I thought it was a ton of fun and an easy way to keep track of some of the big ticket items I wanted to accomplish. I’m a list person, so a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days? PERFECT!

I decided this go-round? It would be fun to keep track here at Bring a Pen! I will be updating this specific post as I go, so get used to seeing this one! I’ll link back often.

Why Wait? Here’s my Day Zero Project List!

August 06, 2019 to May 02, 2022


  1. Create a Family Recipe Book
  2. Try 6 Recipes from places of origin (Genealogy!)
  3. Visit 5 ethnic restaurants (Mexican and Chinese do NOT count!)
  4. Create a list of Staple Recipes with at least 15 recipes (making meal planning easier!)
  5. Have Skyler create her own Cookbook.
  6. Cook every recipe in a cookbook
  7. Have 3 “Kitchen Inventory Only” week of meal plans (1x per year)
  8. Make a Funnel Cake
  9. Spend 1 week using the grill for every meal
  10. Bake 3 Birthday Cakes for Sky (1 per year)
  11. Bake bread 1x per week for 3 months.


  1. Take 1 Vacation (planned and paid for by ME, NOT visiting family.)
  2. Create a “Family Tree” decoration for my living space.
  3. Create a decorative “Birthday/Anniversary List” for the house – so I don’t forget any!!
  4. Send 52 cards/notes
  5. Host a Dinner Party and invite at least 3 friends/families
  6. Get professional Family Photos done
  7. Take a girls Trip (even just a spa, simple camping trip, ANYTHING!)
  8. Establish a new Family Tradition
  9. Send 3 Care packages (random acts of kindness)
  10. Take a “Sister Trip”
  11. Host a “Favorite Things” party



  1. Get Skyler a “Big Girl” room
  2. Carve out a “Craft Corner” for all my crafts/workspace
  3. Get a set of outdoor furniture.
  4. ACute “No Solicitors” sign
  5. Get a headboard/Grown Up Bed
  6. Replace all Bathroom Towels
  7. Replace all Kitchen Towels
  8. Get my car detailed 6 times (2x/year)
  9. Make and use 2 Raised Garden Beds
  10. Find or create a functional “Mail System” for my little family.
  11. Paint Living Room
  12. Clean out Closets (Hallway)



  1. Schedule an eye appointment (I’m really REALLY bad at this!)
  2. Lose 25 lbs
  3. Lose 25 more lbs
  4. Cultivate a fitness habit and keep it up for at least 3 months.
  5. Find 6 healthy meal staples I truly enjoy.
  6. Take a fitness class
  7. Go Kayaking
  8. Purchase a Bike
  9. Drink 1 Gallon of Water per day for 1 month
  10. Manitou Incline


  1. Make $5,000 from a side hustle
  2. Pay of Student Loans ($4,000 to go)
  3. Pay off my car
  4. Have a “No Spend” month.
  5. Set and stick to a budget for 6 months.
  6. Create a 3-month emergency fund.
  7. Create a 6 month “Side Hustle” goal plan
  8. Complete FPU
  9. Make 5 extra Mortgage Payments
  10. Start a “Car Savings” For Skyler


  1. Complete 5 Skillshare Courses
  2. Take 1 class (open-ended)
  3. Read 100 books
  4. Attend a Conference
  5. Speak on a Panel
  6. Create a Genealogy Notebook (Printables)
  7. Organize all of my genealogy stuff into an archive
  8. Learn InDesign, utilize it for a project of some sort
  9. Create an online course (for my blog)



  1. Make a T-Shirt Quilt (FINALLY!)
  2. Have a “Handmade Christmas”
  3. Make an epoxy Coffee Mug
  4. Attempt Pottery on a wheel
  5. Visit 3 Art Galleries
  6. Month of Black and White Portraits
  7. Complete another 365 (Self Portraits again!)
  8. Do a Canvas Painting Class
  9. Complete Tokyo Olympic Project (July/Aug 2020)
  10. Complete Beijing Olympic Project (Feb 2022)
  11. Learn to use my sewing Machine
  12. Complete 1 sewing project
  13. Arm-Knit a blanket



  1. Host Friendsgiving
  2. Celebrate a Holiday we don’t normally (Cinco De Mayo, etc)
  3. Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos
  4. Send out a Christmas Card (By December 5!)
  5. Finish Christmas Shopping in November



  1. Replace ALL of my underthings
  2. Cull down my wardrobe to only items I actually wear.
  3. Prayer/Gratitude Journal for 1 month
  4. Watch 1 Ted Talk per month (28)
  5. Go to the Drive In (stay for the second movie!)
  6. Summit a 14er
  7. Social Media Break for 30 days (3 x’s)
  8. Meditated 10x/month for 3 months.
  9. Get good hiking boots.
  10. Learn how to do “Every-Day” makeup
  11. Purchase “every-day” makeup



  1. Add one new thing to list in January 2020.
  2. Add one new thing to list in January 2021.
  3. Add one new thing to list in January 2022.
  4. Recognize priorities change. Change up to 5 items on this list between 500 and 750 days (Dec 15, 2020 and August 22, 2021).
  5. keep a list of idea for my next 101 in 1001.
  6. Send someone flowers – just because.
  7. (update me later!)
  8. (update me later!)
  9. (update me later!)

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