Why “Bring A Pen” ?

Why Bring A Pen

What better place to start a new blog then to explain where it’s name comes from?

I am a self-proclaimed journal addict. (So much so that my friends give me stationary and pens as gifts. I’m easy to shop for!) But more than that? My favorite method of studying God’s Word is done with a pen in hand! Sometimes I doodle the verses on a blank sheet of paper. Sometimes I transcribe the book in entirety. Normally I am taking notes both in my study journal and on the pages of my bible. But no matter what? I’m doing it with a pen in hand!

Recently I was studying the book of Habakkuk, when the idea for this name popped out at me.

When I study a book? I go in depth. I read the scripture. I find a few sermon series from some of my favorite churches to go along with (sort of a ready-made commentary!) and then I also hunt for a go-along study, commentary or something else to take me deeper.

With Habakkuk? I found Fresh Life Church‘s series “Hug It Out” — Sidenote: Fresh Life Church is AMAZING! I listen weekly, but I also love to go back and just listen to some of Pastor Levi’s old messages! And while talking about Habakkuk 2:2 (Then the LORD said to me, “Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others…” ) he said “You know what he just said there? He said BRING A PEN!” and it hit me – that’s kind of the motto of my life. Bring a pen.

To add to that? I really feel called to share my stories, my faith, in writing. So I felt like God was saying “Hey, Jacque! Wake up! Bring a pen!” And that’s exactly what this place is, my digital notebook full of doodles, thoughts and scripture.

Hab 22

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