The Importance of Being Real

We live in a Pinterest Perfect world. We’re expected to have every aspect of our lives ready to be blasted across social media at anytime, and sometimes we get too wrapped up in making everything seem so wonderful that we forget to be real.

When I surf Facebook (as I do all too often!) I  see polarizing posts. They are always extremely positive, or extremely negative. There doesn’t appear to be any in between. The same goes for all the “mommy groups” that I’m a part of – they either have perfect children, or little terrors. There’s rarely a neutral place in the middle.

So as I was thinking about my weekly posts for my church’s women’s group? I realized how important it was for me to show these women “Hey! I’m just like you!” I’m not there to preach at them – they can call our church office and ask for old copies of sermons if they’re wanting that! I’m there to be a liaison between the church and them. To offer a familiar face so they can feel they can approach someone.

And to do that? I have to be real.

But what about the rest of my life? Am I reserving these moments for the church Facebook group? Or am I applying it to every aspect of my life.


Because let’s be honest. If you were to knock on my door right now? I probably would only peek through a partially opened door. Because my living room is a mess. We’re busy living this week, and cleaning hasn’t been a priority. If you ask my daughter what she had for meals today? She’ll proudly answer “Donuts and Spaghettios, mommy was too busy and so I got fun stuff!” And if you ask my husband how our week has gone? He’ll tell you he can’t wait until it’s over because I’ve been nagging him every chance I get! (Hey! That honey-do list isn’t getting any shorter!)

And then there’s God. If you asked Him? He’d tell you I’ve been a bit gossipy. I’ve been quick to anger. It’s January 11 and I’m already 3 days behind in my Bible in a Year plan. And my prayer life? It’s been quiet, despite my writing a blog on that very thing this week!

Here’s the thing. We’re all human. We all have moments where we get mad when it wasn’t a big deal. Or we slack off on the housework in exchange for something a bit more entertaining. And sometimes? We don’t even realize we were out of line, so we can totally forget about asking forgiveness where it’s needed.

It’s important to remember this as we go about our day, scrolling through feeds on our tiny screen! We all have parts of our life that aren’t social media ready, and sometimes it’s too easy to feel we aren’t living up to everyone else’s perfection.

But my challenge to you as we head towards this weekend? Be real. Give ourselves, and one another grace. But quit putting on a show, just let your guard down and be you.

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