Ten years ago (May 3, 2018) I started my first “Project 365” I was 7 months pregnant, and decided to document the end of my pregnancy and my babies first year.

The rules of that first project were simple. 1 self portrait each day for 365 days. (I titled it “Narcissism at it’s finest”)

I had a ton of fun that year, and got some amazing photos of my daughter as we traveled around the country in our 18-wheeler. She got to experience 48 states in her first 2 years of life!

But I treasure those photos in a way that I can’t explain. I’ve since done the project twice more. Each time, modifying it slightly. But each time, glad I have the collection of photos from a year in our life.


I decided yesterday, on a whim, to start again! Korell365 is my project title, and I’m capturing a year in my families life! I’m excited to take this adventure – as our lives have changed so much in the past 3 years, and we have some exciting changes coming up! I can’t wait to document them, and hope to share them here on my little corner of the interweb as well.

So, here goes… Day 1!