Missing my Grandma


It hit me today that it’s been 8 years since my Grandmother passed away. (The photo above was taken the day she died, I consider that sunset a gift from her.)

I think of her daily, and miss her so much that it hurts sometimes. But today, it really hit me hard. I was making her favorite “BBQ Sandwiches

” for lunch – Don’t call them “Sloppy Joe’s” she would take offence, as her name was Jo and she was anything but sloppy!


My 8 year old was in the kitchen with me, and we were playing music while we cooked. She asked how I learned to make this delicious treat, which is one of her favorite meals! Which led to the perfect chance to share some of my favorite stories about my grandma with her.

She would have loved to have known my amazing little girl. And to have seen me “all grown up” – sure I was 25 when she passed just a few months after my daughter was born. I hadn’t settled into the “domestic bliss” that is my life now – we were mostly nomadic, living on the truck. She hadn’t seen me as an adult. She didn’t see me grow to appreciate all of her teachings and advice over the years.

I particularly miss her when I feel like people are judging my choices in life. She was the one who was always in my corner.

But more than that? Her unwaivering faith not only in me, but in God was what brought me to where I am today. She was a fairly quiet woman, who spoke up when she truly needed to be heard. She was fiercely loyal to her family and friends.

So as we are finally swinging into the cooler weather here in southern Colorado, I am enjoying the chance to cook some of her favorite meals for my own family. I eel her with me in the kitchen the most, as I follow her recipes with the slight tweaks that she never wrote down, but we all knew by heart!


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