Miracle Morning  30 Day Challenge

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A little over a month ago I went back to work full time. (After 7 years as a Stay at Home Mom, and 5 years before that without a traditional job!) I was so blessed by my job, that I am able to keep my 8 year old with me and continue to homeschool her. I asked for God to provide, and he went above and beyond anything I could have expected.

But? This HUGE change in my lifestyle has meant that my homelife has become slightly more chaotic. I have spent my mornings feeling rushed, and I come home exhausted. So laundry has piled up. Dishes sometimes wait too long to be done. My poor husband has a tired and cranky wife. Something has to change.

A few weeks ago my dear friend, Meg, started talking about “The Miracle Morning” (A book I had purchased about a year ago and never read.) So together, we have committed to this 30 day challenge.

What is The Miracle Morning?

The premise is simple, and can be found all over Instagram and Pinterest, but I can’t recommend the book enough! (It’s even FREE on Kindle Unlimited!) Hal Elrod has put together a great program, in a quick and easy to read book! Basically? You wake up a little earlier than you normally would, and you follow the six “SAVERS” steps.

Silence – Prayer, Meditation, however you want to spend this time! But just be quiet for a bit!

Affirmation – Repeat aloud affirmations.

Visualization – Visualize these affirmations coming to be.

Exercise – Get your Blood Flowing

Reading – Spend a few minutes reading. Again? This can be anything!

Scribing – Journal for a few minutes!

Miracle Morning Savers

I have to admit. I found the idea cheesy at first. But? I am committed to a 30 day challenge, so I will see it through! And I’ve sort of turned it into my morning “Quiet Time” so I can kick start my day with both energy and God!

My Miracle Morning starts at 6am, and lasts for about an hour. (I work at 9, so this gives me plenty of time to walk the dog, grab a second cup of coffee and shower and prep for work!) I set my alarm for 6, wake up to coffee already brewing, grab a glass of water and get going!

My Silence is prayer time – including a few minutes of just listening. Affirmations? I’ve got a list in my journal, some are verses and others are quotes I’ve found. (And I have two I’ve written myself, that allude to career and personal goals.) Affirmations (so far, 2 days in?) seem to lead into visualizations. These two are really blending together for me! Then Reading? So far it’s been straight from my Bible, although I expect I may pick up a devotional for this in the near future! Exercising has just been some stretching to get my blood flowing (with a long walk for the dog POST Miracle Morning, but before work)  And Scribing? Well, I love my journals!

I plan to update here as we go about this experiment – but as I mentioned? I’m two days in and LOVING this plan so far. I am NOT a morning person. So it’s a struggle. But I’ve got huge motivation in knowing that I am wide awake rather than half asleep and rushing out the door to work in the mornings!

Do you have a morning routine or follow the Miracle Morning? I’d love to hear more about your routine!

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