Be intentional with your (Cell Phone) time!

Be Intentional

Hi, my name is Jacque and I have a serious addiction to my cell phone. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the grocery store, riding shotgun in the car, or sitting on the couch with my husband. I am always scrolling through my phone. It’s not just Facebook. Or Instagram. It’s the news. It’s my email. It’s work. It’s Homeschool blogs.

For a few months I’ve had a nagging instinct that I needed to focus my time elsewhere. I needed to make better use of that downtime. (Back in August I did a Facebook Fast and I found that I was just a happier person in general not staring at my phone all the time! Plus all the extra time in prayer and The Word were really great for me!)

So I made a decision to dedicate December to being more intentional with my phone. I’m not making the leap to give up Facebook, or anything else. I’m just being more intentional. And now that I’m 4 days in? I wanted to share my process, because it’s working really well for me!

Devotional Plans

Whenever I grab my phone to use it (and it’s often) I first follow a devotional plan on one of my favorite apps! (My two favorite, and featured above, She Reads Truth and YouVersion Bible App.)

To read through one of these devotionals only takes a few minutes. (The YouVersion devos are much quicker than the SRT ones, so I pick accordingly!) So I can read one during my wait in line at the grocery store, or while I sit at hockey practice. And I still have time to lurk on Facebook or read blogs! (So it’s a win-win! A few minutes in the word, a few minutes of prayer and then I get to have the fun stuff!)

But I’m no longer neglecting God for my personal time. In fact, I usually find that once I’ve spent a moment or two in a devotional? My frame of mind is changed, I’m wanting more time in the word, not more time on social media!

So my personal challenge for the next month is to always grab a devotional BEFORE I do anything “fun” on my phone!

Have you taken on a technology challenge like this? What’s one simple step you could take to squeeze more God time into your day?

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