A Peek Inside My Prayer Journal

My Prayer Journal

For the past few years I have struggled to find a method that works for me in my prayer life. A tool where I can keep track. Nine months ago, I found it! And I love my prayer journal so much that I want to share it with you! (Of course personal details will be blurred out!)

Before I jump into the photos and my methods? I’ll give you a list of the pieces that make up my journal! My journal is actually Moleskine Cahier Journal (Set of 3), Pocket sized inside a “FabricDori”. My outershell (FabricDori) is from an Etsy Shop – Cake Paperie – but she’s currently on “break” so I am using SunshineNBliss in the meantime! And I adore her products as well.


My prayer journal is made up of 3 smaller notebooks housed in a “Passport Size” Traveler’s Notebook. (Traveler’s notebooks are amazing – they are a leather or fabric cover with elastic straps that you can slip your notebook into.)

The first notebook is for verses, sermon notes, etc. (I normally take notes in another notebook, but occasionally this is all I have with me and so I use it as my backup.) I also stick post-it’s to the front of it – the example above! My life group writes names of members on stickies and then whichever name you draw you pray for them that week. (The last time I drew, I got Tamera, so I just have her post-it there as a reminder to pray for her!)

The second notebook is divided into sections (again, using post-its) and I have a section for my husband, my daughter, my parents, my sister, and a few friends. (I have a few prayers written out that I pray regularly, but I also keep note of their requests/praises.)

I also have a section for fasting. Each time I fast with a specific intent? I write out a “prayer” for my fast, and then I also track results and answers. Example? My husband was job hunting last year, so I have 3 pages designated for that fast. I noted each time he had an interview, each success and pitfall. (In fact, writing this reminds me I need to update the praise for that one because he just got a promotion!)

The third notebook is my most used notebook. It’s my running prayers/praises lists. Everytime someone asks me to pray, I see a prayer need, etc? I write it down. Then when the prayer is answered? I highlight it, date it and write it in the praise list if appropriate.  (Fake example below, to save the privacy of my list!)

*Skyler is trying to raise her own money for summer camp
*Annie has surgery on 3/4
*Safe Travel for John and Carrie – made it to Texas and back safely! 2/26
*Sarah has the Flu – recovered, back to work! 2/25

I use this running list pretty regularly. At least once a week I make sure to sit down and pray through the whole list – although I do use the most recent ones far more often.

Prayer Journal Collage

As I said, I have tried many different styles for my prayer notebook (including a few apps!) and I have found that this method really works best for me.  But, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas! So please, share with me how you keep track of prayer requests!

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