5 Benefits To Keeping a Prayer Journal


A few days ago I talked about how I set up my prayer journal – something that has benefited me greatly. So today I want to talk to you about how keeping a prayer journal can benefit you!

The idea for the name of this blog comes from Habakkuk 2:2 (The Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets that he may run who reads it.” )  — God has told us that there is power in written word, and I strongly believe that. I take notes EVERYWHERE. In my bible, in a moleskin that I carry with me at all times, in my prayer journal. I write everything down. (Despite being a total technology geek, I love my paper!) So I’ve written out for you five ways I have benefited from keeping a prayer journal.

Keeping a record of prayers and praises! This is the number one benefit for me, for a few reasons. I’ll be honest, the reason it benefits me the most? When I am frustrated, down or starting to doubt? I look back over my previous prayer journal and see some of the prayers that have been answered (and how long it took for them to be answered) I am reminded that God is working on an answer – even if it’s taking awhile!

But also, I have a list of prayer requests I’ve gotten. (And some I’ve just observed and written down myself!) At least once a week (usually on Sunday) I sit down with a cup of coffee, my prayer journal and a pen. I run through the list of prayer requests from the start of my book. (There are some from six months ago in there, still unanswered but still valuable.)

*I should add that once every few months I pull out my old journals. Many of the times I have transfered the “big” requests (my Aunt is battling cancer, the salvation of a family member, etc) but I didn’t necessarily transfer over some of the others, but they are still important – or maybe I just want to touch base with that person and see how they are doing!

So you don’t forget! Yep, it’s that easy. I keep my prayer journal with me all the time. So if I’m at the grocery store and run into an old friend who tells me she lost her job and is struggling to find a new one? I write it down right away, that way I can remember to keep her in my prayers. I probably write a new prayer request down three times a day – at least!

It’s therapeutic! This sounds strange – but sometimes? Just getting the pain and frustration out on paper can help ease it out of your mind. I have several pages in my personal prayer journal that are a written prayer to God, giving him the situation. (Most of these written at 3 am, when I can’t sleep because the situation is weighing on my heart.)

Prayer Journaling helps you tune your ear to God’s voice! Before I started journaling? I wasn’t ever sure if I was hearing from God. (With one exception, where I was stopped in my tracks because his voice was so loud!) But now? As I flip through my journal, I can notice times where God was speaking loud and clear on a topic. I find that sometimes as I’m writing a request in my journal, a verse will pop into my head and I know without a doubt that’s God!

It helps to stay in communication with God. I get distracted easily. In fact? Just now, I sat down to meal plan for the week. I was on Pinterest lurking around for meal ideas when I remembered that my sister had asked me for prayer this morning. So I grabbed my prayer journal to write that down and was hit with the idea that I should write this post. I still don’t know what we’ll have for dinner tonight – but I’ve spent some time in prayer and written a blog post!

So everytime I open my purse? I see my prayer journal and I’m reminded that I should pray for someone or something. It’s a constant reminder, and since keeping the journal? I would say my time in prayer has jumped exponentially.

How about you? Do you keep a prayer journal? Do you find that writing has been a benefit to your faith journey? Or is it a challenge for you to write anything down? Please leave me a comment below!

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