2017 Verse and Word


Each year I watch people around me (and occasionally myself) set “Resolutions”. All the excited facebook posts, Instagram photos, Tweets. I get texts asking me to help be an accountability partner. I read blog posts. And on. And on. And on.

Three years ago I switched up how I do things. I picked a word. (2014 was Time. 2015 was Joy. 2016 was Action.) And last year I added a Verse (Hab 2:2 was 2016) and used those to try and shape my goals and remember where to keep my focus for the ensuing year.

Each year I struggle to come up with my word, hunting for the perfect word. But last week as I sat in my little house, thinking about how I needed to get rid of my tree, and find locations for all our Christmas gifts? It hit me. Simplify. And then? My verse came to me too – Luke 10: 41-42. It’s so simple, focus on what’s important – and let everything else go!

So, it’s that “easy” (ha!! Right?!) my goal for 2014 is to simplify all areas of my life! And I’m using this blog to keep me accountable!

This morning while talking to my good friend, Lissy (of Love, Faith and Coffee) sent me a text that she was preparing for the new year by cleaning out her contacts on her phone.

What a perfect way to jump into “Simplify” — to clean up my contact list! The plumber I fired? Gone. The parents who dropped out of my Girl Scout Troop 3 years ago? Gone. A philanthropic organization I had a split with a few years back? Gone. My high school friend I haven’t talked to in six years? Also gone.

Something so little was so freeing, and it helped me to know that I truly picked the right word for 2017!!

(And to top it off? One of my favorite bloggers/planner peope Emily Ley has a “Simplify 2017” blog series going right now!)

Do you pick a word or verse for the year? If so, I’d love to hear what you picked for 2017!


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