Fall Back in Love with Jesus

Fall Back in Love with Jesus

Yesterday I mentioned my miserable attitude this weekend and how the realization that I needed to take time to stop and listen to God. So this morning I made it a priority to do so.

Recently a good friend has been talking a lot about Revelation, so I decided to spend the month of May really diving into the book. (I am currently listening through Fresh Life Church‘s series “At The World’s end“.) And while I was reading and listening this morning? I had some real wake up calls. (I love when God does that! He just gives us a little nudge, but it’s enough to pull us in the right direction!)

Revelation 27

Between yesterday’s prompting to spend time in the Word? To sit back and really listen? And then this message this morning? I think it’s safe to say that the point has been driven home for me!

Paul was reminding the church of Ephesus that Jesus noticed the good works they were doing, that they were working hard in His name. But that he also noticed they had failed to keep him at the center of it all.

This was one of thus “Ah-ha” moments for me as well! I am lucky enough that I have a part-time job in ministry. That I am able to spend my time as a stay at home mom, and spend my weekends doing what I love; serving God with my love for technology in the church sound booth! But I also am quick to forget WHY I am called to do this.

God called me to the audio/visual team. He uses the gifts He blessed me with to help others to have an enjoyable worship experience. (And when I doubt that what I’m doing makes a difference? I remind myself that one of the reasons I kept coming back to church when I first started attending was because I enjoyed the music.)


But here’s the problem, at least where my life is concerned! Revelation 2:4 reminds us: You have forsaken the love you had at first. The church of Ephesus had forgotten to leave Christ at the center of things. They were doing all the right things, and their hearts may have even been in the right place for the most part. But they weren’t 100% in love with Christ. They weren’t doing all things with that love in their hearts.

What a harsh realization. I love God. I love serving Him. And for the most part, I think I do a good job at keeping that in check and not letting my flesh get too involved.

As I listened to the Fresh Life Sermon from so long ago, something really jumped at me. Am I Mary? Or am I Martha?  (Luke 10:38-42)

Am I going through the motions to impress Jesus? Serving Him but not really loving Him? Or am I so in love with Him that all the other priorities take a back row seat? For me, I realized it was time to fall back in love with Jesus.


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